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ForGiving: A Feminist Criticism of Exchange
by Genevieve Vaughan

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Homo Donans

In this book Genevieve weaves together some of her newest articles exploring the possibility that gift giving is a fundamental interpretative key for the understanding of language and life, a key which has been cancelled by the ideology and practise of patriarchal capitalism. The restoration of gift giving to a central place in our attention, gives us a way to reconceptualize human beings as Homo Donans, not just Homo Sapiens, or worse, Homo Economicus.

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The Gift / Il Dono

A collection of essays about the gift economy by feminist scholars and activists. Edited by Genevieve Vaughan. Published in Italy by Athanor.

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Mother Nature's Children/Los Niños de la Madre Naturaleza

A children's book in Spanish and in English about the Gift Economy

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Mother Natures Children
Women's Voices on FIRE

A book documenting the evolution of Feminist International Radio Endeavor.

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Free / Not Free

The adventures of Trilly the Canary teach the gift economy to children. Illustrations by Liliana Wilson.

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Ours Together Land

Illustrations by Liliana Wilson.

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Ours Together Land

Cd's and Cassettes

Songs for the Tree of Life
A cassette or CD of original music and lyrics by Genevieve Vaughan.

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A Radically Different World View Is Possible
The Gift Economy Inside and Outside of Patriarchal Capitalism
9 DVD set

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