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Athanor: Il Dono, the gift, a feminist analysis

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Athanor: Il Dono, the gift, a feminist analysis

Published in Italy in English by Meltemi Press

An unusual collaboration between women of many nations and Italian publisher Meltemi brings you a book published in Italy in English. Written by some 25 members of the international womenís movement, The Gift, Il Dono: A Feminist Analysis, presents a perspective that is necessary for a paradigm shift towards a better world.

To download Athanor click here. Or click below to read online.

  1. Genevieve Vaughan: L'Economia del dono
  2. Genevieve Vaughan: L'Economia del dono
  3. Genevieve Vaughan: Gift giving and exchange: Genders are economic identities and economies are based on gender
  4. Kaarina Kailo: Giving Back to the Gift Paradigm: Another Worldview is Possible
  5. Heide Goettner-Abendroth: Matriarchal society: definition and theory
  6. Rauna Kuokkanen: The gift as a world view in indigenous thought
  7. Eila Estola: Legitimacy of Nursing and Caring in Max Weber's Frame of Reference
  8. Bhanumatu Natarajan: Biodiversity and traditional knowledge- Perspectives for a Gift economy
  9. Hildur Ve: Gracias a la Vida
  10. Mari Lahtinen: Legitimacy of Nursing and Caring in Max Weber's Frame of Reference
  11. Mechthild Hart: Transnational Feminist Politics: Being at Home in the World, Globalization and the International Women's movement
  12. Ana Isla: Dispossessing the commons by credit. The struggle to reclaim the commons
  13. Paola Melchiori: Epistemologia del dono
  14. Paola Melchiori: Insights on the gift and the insight of the gift
  15. Susan Bright and Susan Lee: Restorative Reconciliation: Forgiveness and healing instead of cycles of retaliation
  16. Rokeya Begum: On the feminism of the gift economy
  17. Frieda Werden: The gifts of Sound
  18. María Suárez: The gift economy in the Net
  19. Linda Christiansen-Ruffman: The gift economy in Atlantic Canada: Personal reflections of a Feminist Sociologist
  20. Lee Ann La Bar: The gifts of Stonehaven
  21. Jutta Ried: The gift-economy in my life
  22. Leslene Della Madre: The Gift of Giving
  23. Norma Fernandez: The Cries of Silence
  24. Susan Bright: poem The Gift